Carcase Complete

A couple nights ago I wasn’t entirely productive but I did manage to knock out the remaining dados for the shelves.

finished dados

However, yesterday was a different story. After I finished up the dados I did a quick dry fit to make sure everything was good. Only one of the three dados fit good right from the first fit. The rest I needed to take a little off the shelves to get a snug fit.

fitting shelves

Another dry fit proved that things were coming along.

dry fit

I took everything apart and clamped the sides together so I could cut the 30° angle.

top angle

This was one of those times when I proved how much I need a tool chest. Somehow I managed to lose my protractor and spent about 30 minutes looking all over for it. I had just used it the previous day but somehow managed to completely lose it because I still haven’t found it. Either way I just used the measurements from the plan and connected the dots and cleaned up it all up.angle clean up

Once I was happy with everything I did another dry fit and prepped for glue up. glued up

At this point I happened to notice that I made a little error in measuring. It wasn’t a matter of measure twice, cut once but rather the location of the top shelf. In the plans its shows the location for the bottom shelf on one side of the chest and the top shelf on the other. I didn’t notice that the top shelf measurement was taken from above the 1-1/2″ lower skid so I made my mark from the bottom of the chest. Now instead of having 6-1/2″ of clearance on the second shelf, I only have 5″. Not a horrible mistake but one none the less. At this pace there is a good chance I will be done by this weekend.

4 thoughts on “Carcase Complete

  1. Looking at your photo, 30 degrees seems fine. I went with 35 for mine because when I drew it up on paper the 30 seemed too shallow. It looks like you will have a nice and deep top compartment. If I had to do one thing over, I would have made the second shelf a bit shallower and the top compartment that much deeper. I used my jointer plane as a height guide for the front, I wanted two inches of clearance from the top of the plane to the lid if the plane was pushed right up against the front.
    Will you make dividers for your planes? I am thinking about adding them, probably a little glue and a brad nailer. Normally I would do something like that by hand but with the chest already made it would be a little tough. Still, yours is looking good so far!

    1. I will most likely put in dividers. Since my top is a little deeper than I intended I may add a shallow sliding till depending on how much vertical space my saws take up.

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