Indentity Crisis!

For quite some time I’ve been going over the idea of completely changing my blog. Not only the theme but the title/domain as well. I was never really happy with “Project Severed Cords” but it sounded good at the time. As you may tell, I finally made the plunge.

Although I’ve never been a dedicated blogger I’ve neglected this blog for the past couple of months quite more than I should have. I have completed a few personal projects since my last post but nothing documented. I think that part of my reason was how I originally wanted to handle this blog. Since that’s all in the past now it really doesn’t matter how that was.

So what’s new? Well besides the name, nothing really. I do plan to blog more often and cover more than just projects I’m working on. While I don’t feel my opinions or techniques matter much, my new title shows where I stand on that. I work some wood, I write about it and whether or not anyone reads this doesn’t change the fact that I’m gonna do it all over again.

I hope to keep up on this blog more so than I have in the past and hope at least one person can gain a little something from my inevitable mistakes to be made.

2 thoughts on “Indentity Crisis!

  1. Glad to hear the blog is still alive and well! I think the key is to make the blog what you want, rather than what you think other people want. Sounds like you have renewed focus and I’m sure giving the blog an update helps.

    I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!

    1. I think giving the blog an update what was really helped renew my focus. I do like this theme (as I see you do to) but I may play around with a couple more just for the heck of it.

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