Turning the Power Back On

Over the past couple of months we’ve had a lot going on. The biggest thing was the purchase of our first home back in March. I never gave the homeowner thing much thought prior to this. Being in the Marine Corps there was always base housing (except Pensacola, Navy base, horrible housing) and my wife and I were perfectly content with that. It wasn’t until my mom finally purchased her first house around the beginning of the year that I began to give it any thought. The wife and I decided that it was time to plant roots.

Long story short, I decided I wanted to be a homeowner by the time I was 30 (this shortly after my 28th b-day). Less than a month later we were closing on our house. We purchased a house in a new development and the selling point on this particular home was it had a three car garage. Even better was that the single garage was separated by a wall and it is furthest away from the entry to the house. I finally had my own four walls without taking space for the cars. So over the past couple of months I’ve been getting things back in order and set up functionally.

During this whole transition I also decided that I wanted to get a couple of power tools. Yes, this is after after selling off everything I had prior to my move from Pensacola to here but there were multiple factors in that decision. After spending the past two years learning a lot about the use of hand tools and what not I felt now was a good time to bring some power back into the shop. After lots of research I opted for the Laguna Fusion. The nearest woodworking store is about 3 hours away and I wasn’t going to make that drive so I did a blind purchase. I ordered it June 30th through Rockler as the saw was 10% off with $49 shipping. It took a full two weeks to get here on the east coast and arrived yesterday.

As you may imagine I was anxious to get home once the wife let me know it was delivered. After unpacking and cleaning I set to attaching the wings. I could not for the life of me get the wings flush with the top. I hate to admit it but it took me about 30-45 minutes to finally decide to look elsewhere to see if there was another issue causing the problem with setting the wings. I could get the front and rear to line up flush but that was it. I was using my large square as my straightedge and ran it over to table top. Yup, a bow. It runs down the length of the saw and peaks about 4″ to the right of the left miter slot.

IMG_7116I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me or even the square so I laid it down the length of the left wing and it was perfectly flat.

IMG_7115 Another angle of the saw.

IMG_7108Here I am trying to get the gap distance caused by the saw.

IMG_7114 Up close you can see it’s probably close to 3/32″.

IMG_7112As I mentioned earlier, I could only get the front a rear flush and even though in this picture the wings are not flush you can see there is no bow in that area.

IMG_7119During my research I only came across one review of someone mentioning something similar with their saw. Knowing there was nothing I could do at this point other than contact Laguna, I headed in for the night. This morning I did contact Laguna via email with all the details and within an hour of their opening business hours I received a call from their rep, Brian. He was more than helpful and gave me two options. New top or new saw. I asked what would be quickest and he said their tops are backlogged and I wouldn’t get one until late July, early August so he said they’d send a new saw out. He said I could either swap the top or swap the whole saw out. All they requested was pictures of the issue (which are the same pictures in this post) and that’s pretty much it. I’ve even already received a copy of the sales order for them to ship the new saw.

So although this is not an actual review of the saw, I would say it is a review of their customer service. Every company has things get by their quality control and I don’t blame them. What matters to me at this point is the fact they are more than willing to correct the situation. As long as there are no other issues with the next saw I’ll continue to be one happy camper. I’ve gone the past two years without a table saw, I guess another week or two of waiting won’t matter too much.


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