Restoring a Stanley No. 150 – Pt 2

While not 100% finished I was able to get everything painted and put back together. IMG_6813And in case you haven’t seen the previous post or forgot, here is what I started with.

IMG_6791Not sure if I’m gonna paint the “Stanley No. 150″ on the top of the arm. I really like the way it looks just solid black (well more charcoal grey). The thumb screws and clamps were primed and painted with a metallic paint. Looking at it I think a chrome type paint would have looked better but maybe next time.

The last bit is to make a bench appliance to fasten this to so I can set it in the leg vise while using so I limit movement. It’s been adjusted square and plumb and after a few passes on the shooting boards, everything comes out perfect.

I enjoyed this so much that I have another No. 150 ready to go. I also have my eye on a 26″ miter saw that I hope to get because my 14” Disston saw just doesn’t cut it… I’ll leave that one alone.


3 thoughts on “Restoring a Stanley No. 150 – Pt 2

  1. Nice read on the miter box restoration! I did a “gentle” restoration (I didn’t sandblast and repaint the casting) on a Craftsman 3646, which is very similar to the Stanley 150. I have a write-up on WK Fine Tools about it.

    You should see if he wants to post your write-up of the Stanley 150 here. He likes lots of photos, and yours are certainly good quality, and you write very well. Of course, you start posting stuff there and you’d have to change the name of your blog.

    I have a Stanley 150 I want to clean up and compare to the Craftsman. At that point, I’ll probably get rid of one of them.

    Oh, by the way, what did you do for the round wooden bit on the back that protects the saw from cutting into the frame if you go too far? Mine is darn near cut all the way through on the Craftsman. The problem with that is the post doesn’t unscrew like on the Stanley 150. So I’m going to have to turn a round piece, bore a hole in it, then split it in half and glue it on, probably.

    And I apparently have a miter box problem because I was just on Craig’s List TODAY and saw someone listed a Stanley 150 and, for some unknown reason, I sent the guy an e-mail with a low-bid offer on it. I figured if he takes it then I can clean it up and give it to my nephew or keep it for my son to use.

    I seriously have way too many miter boxes in my shop right now…

    1. Well the first miter box (yeah, ended up getting a second one after I like the results of the first) still had the wooden depth piece still so I was lucky. The second doesn’t have one nor the little metal spring between the guides. I’ll probably use a dowel since I can unscrew them and find a flexible piece of metal for the guides.

      The sandblaster at work ended up taking a crap so wasn’t able to finish the second miter box and now I am in Yuma, AZ for work until the end of Oct so no woodworking at all for me.

      Did you end up getting the Stanley 150 on Craig’s List?

      1. The internal struggle was great but, in the end, my fiscal sense prevailed. I did NOT buy the Stanley 150. Instead, I put $30 into my Saving-Up-For-Something-Better envelope. 😉

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