Test Joinery

Over the past two weeks the majority of my woodworking has been at work. Days have been long lately so bedtime has been happening earlier and getting out in the shop just hasn’t been too appealing. I’ve been using my lunch time and was able to finish milling all four legs and the four side stretchers. Yesterday I finally got into the shop and went ahead and made a test piece of the joinery on some extra pieces.

It’s my first time with through mortise and tenon joinery and also at such a large scale. I’m really happy how it turned out. Right now I’m cutting all the legs and stretchers to their final dimensions and squaring up the ends. Hopefully by next weekend I’ll be doing some assembly!

My brand new $20 “scrub” plane

Back before I even thought about getting into hand tools, I still would go on sites like Lie-Nielsen and drool over all the shiny tools they had dreaming one day I would own ALL of them. At this point in time I am no where close to that dream but I have started building my collection. One tool that was never on my must have list was a scrub plane, mainly due to the fact that I never really understood it. It wasn’t until my saw bench that I realized that if I was going to do the hand tools thing, a scrub plane is a necessity. Continue reading “My brand new $20 “scrub” plane”

Returning from a hiatus

Right before my daughter was born, I decided to take a break from the shop. I anticipated that it would only last about a month and I would get back in there but that’s definitely not how it worked out. My daughter was born on Nov 9th and although I’ve been in and out of the shop, I’m barley getting back in there on a regular basis and there is actually a lot that I’ve been able to accomplish. I tested my hand in saw sharpening, made a “scrub” plane out of brand new No. 5 for only $20, made my first M&T and FINALLY made my first 100% hand tool project. I’m horrible at documenting while I work but I think I have enough to write a little post about each. Oh, and I got a couple of new tools (and some on the way) that I will be talking about. Stay tuned!

I Should Be in the Shop

I hate Florida. It’s 3 days before Xmas and it’s 73 degrees and raining. I’m sure for some that are located in much colder and harsh weather you wish you could be in my shoes, and while I would happily decline, I’m just saying that I’d at least have to be in more than some shorts and a tee shirt when I step outside. Although it’s perfect weather to be in the shop, it’s been at least a full week since I’ve been in out there. My wife and kids have all been helpful in preventing me from leaving the house during my time off from work. Continue reading “I Should Be in the Shop”

Making the Jump with Both Feet

Things are going way faster that I had anticipated. When I first even thought about going the hand tool route, I intended on doing it at a slow pace. Buy a tool here and there, sell the corresponding power tool and ease into shrinking the shop. Well that’s not quite how it worked out. I’ve sold off more than half of the power tools I had in the past week!

It all started with the miter and bandsaws. I figured these two power tools would be the easiest for me to replace. What made me think so? My recent addiction to eBay. Continue reading “Making the Jump with Both Feet”

Why I’m Missing the 236th Marine Corps Ball

Believe it or not, even though this has nothing to do with woodworking, it is definitely fitting to the blog title. Two nights ago on Nov 9th at 2016, I did do a little cord severing, literally. My wife and I welcomed our forth child and first BABY GIRL! Gabriella Adrianna was born 6 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long! Continue reading “Why I’m Missing the 236th Marine Corps Ball”

How It Started

My journey into woodworking started on accident. What started out as what I thought would be a simple re-finishing job on a free table on Craigslist turned into much more. Not only did that table kick my ass, it spawned an addiction. Soon all I could think about was wood, but I hadn’t actually built anything. I wasn’t allowed to until the table was done and once it was, I was ready to build. There was only one problem, I had no tools or knowledge on woodworking, I just knew I wanted to do it. Continue reading “How It Started”