Why I’m Missing the 236th Marine Corps Ball

Believe it or not, even though this has nothing to do with woodworking, it is definitely fitting to the blog title. Two nights ago on Nov 9th at 2016, I did do a little cord severing, literally. My wife and I welcomed our forth child and first BABY GIRL! Gabriella Adrianna was born 6 lbs 4 oz and 19 inches long!

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Now even though the Marine Corps birthday was yesterday, our unit ball isn’t until tomorrow. Back when tickets first went on sale my wife and I made the decision not to go due to the timing of Gaby being born. Her actual estimated due date wasn’t until the 22nd but I knew she’d be a little early. Going to the ball is one thing I look forward to EVERY year. If you’ve never been to a Marine Corps ball then I really can’t explain the greatness that happens within. The camaraderie, the pride, the traditions and of course, the healthy dosage of alcohol.

The ball is a great time and I do wish I was able to go but there is no way I can leave my little princess right now. Yes, she’s already got daddy wrapped around her wrinkly little finger, but at least I can easily admit it. I have many other balls to look forward to but right now it’s time for daddy to enjoy his new baby girl. Give it a few years and yes, she will be in the shop with me!

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