Returning from a hiatus

Right before my daughter was born, I decided to take a break from the shop. I anticipated that it would only last about a month and I would get back in there but that’s definitely not how it worked out. My daughter was born on Nov 9th and although I’ve been in and out of the shop, I’m barley getting back in there on a regular basis and there is actually a lot that I’ve been able to accomplish. I tested my hand in saw sharpening, made a “scrub” plane out of brand new No. 5 for only $20, made my first M&T and FINALLY made my first 100% hand tool project. I’m horrible at documenting while I work but I think I have enough to write a little post about each. Oh, and I got a couple of new tools (and some on the way) that I will be talking about. Stay tuned!

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