A Treat in the Mail

Well FedEx really but “in the mail” sounds better than “delivered by FedEx”. Now that I’ve needlessly got that out of the way…

Today during lunch I was in the shop and the FedEx guy stopped by. I’ve been anticipating this package since February 15th when I first contacted Matt. When I unwrapped the Kraft paper I was pleasantly surprised in the box my contents where shipped in.


Where (or when) the heck does anyone get a VCR box anymore??? Of course it wasn’t an actual VCR so let’s move inside.


Any guesses?? No? Okay, let dig a little deeper…


That’s right, today my starter set plus a set of side rounds arrived!! Five months to the date of me sending him an email, Matt had these planes in my hands. If you’re not sure which Matt I’m referring to the please take note of the following:


Matt Bickford makes the most beautiful moulding planes I’ve put my hands on. Years ago when I first came across his work I knew then and there that I would own a set some day. Well ladies and gents, today is that day. I didn’t get everything unpacked and setup before heading back to work so no other pictures are available at this time.

My main reason for purchase is to expand my picture framing profiles without limitation of a router and bits, which I haven’t owned for quite a few years. If you’re interested in getting into moulding planes than I would suggest his book Mouldings in Practice. Even without having your hands on a set it’s a good read with lots of great info. Looking forward to getting these set up and cutting!